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If you work with for a Fortune 500 company, I guarantee that promising innovations don’t come to life as expected—if at all! The status-quo prevails and the culture is well practiced at maintaining the roadblocks to innovation.

Whether you are a leader charged with driving innovation or are an an innovation practitioner creating a future customer base, you are also challenged by choosing the right path to ensure success.

I am here to tell you that you can learn to have fun again producing innovative solutions in market that generate real results—faster than ever.

Here’s the thing:

You can’t fix something unless you know what is broken. 

You probably never even thought of your workplace as a dysfunctional SYSTEM because no one talks about it.

Until now.

I’ve been working with go-getters around the globe like you who deploy a different approach to launch innovative concepts. Interestingly, the problems are the same no matter what country you are from.

I have learned their secrets with the purpose of sharing the knowledge with innovators like you who want the secrets of accelerating results.

To start with:


They often don’t.

Corporate America has been trained to create efficiencies.

So, no one is going to change, and no one that frustrates you, thinks like you. That is a GOOD thing.

It is because you are different, that you have the ability to innovate and change everything.

How? You learn how to design a functional system inside of the dysfunctional system.  

Instead of being the person that bangs their head up against the same brick walls, you study the players. You see the triggers for their behavior change, and then deploy your own tactics to hit on those points to change the situation. You learn the secrets about how to get the results you seek.

I’m going to show you exactly what you need to pay attention to—because remaining frustrated is NOT an option. High blood pressure, drinking or overeating, or feeling your eye twitch uncontrollably isn’t going to happen anymore.

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My background is in strategy and innovation, but it doesn’t matter what your background is. The essence of what I’m teaching you is how to smuggle innovation in risk resistant cultures. The guts of the program is how to get stubborn minds to willingly embrace change.

This crash course is intended to pull off the blinders so you can see exactly what you are up against—and to see the light at the end of the tunnel—that there are crystal clear paths for you to minimize your stress, advance your ideas, and get results—no matter who you work with.

Take a look at what you will learn in the crash course:

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Hi. I’m Natalie.

I was there myself, working in corporate America. I would watch as great business ideas were shot down, while siloed pet projects were funded.

I would take the time to put forth my best work, along with my team, only to have it end up in the recycling bin, without any feedback on why.

Even worse, I would sit around conference room tables where we were to “collaborate” only to observe people who would participate only if they had an angle that they could “win”.

It was maddening.

I still remember how stuck I felt. I tried countless methods, direct conversations, tag-teaming, enlisting the help from the higher ups. Nothing seemed to work.

I read just about every book and blog out there about how to “collaborate effectively” with limited success.

As it turns out, I was a cooperative player who wanted results, who was stymied by the corporate machine.

I needed a different approach.

There are great team players at work. And there are those that just aren’t. I understand your frustration. And your stress.

As an innovator and a strategist, I knew there had to be a better way than banging my head up against the same brick wall day in and out. I also knew that there had to be a way to reach the executives who are well aware of the issues with the status-quo.

I interviewed over 100 trailblazers just like you from around the globe, synthesized the methods of success they used within the status-quo, and harvested all of the best secrets to get ahead in risk-resistant, and competitive cultures.

workshop 1.png

My tribe of fellow go-getters were scattered around the world, working to activate change in their own ecosystems.

There were also go-getters craving cooperative collaboration at my company, but not necessarily in my ecosystem or in pivotal leadership positions. They were sprinkled throughout the company, like specks of glitter floating in a glass of water.

The people who were getting results were smuggling innovation

It took me years to figure all this stuff out—but that doesn’t mean it has to take you years before you start taking charge of your success at work. Why? Because I learned that the problems are universal. And if they are the same everywhere, you can study the system and hack the roadblocks.

I feel Zen at work. I know exactly what is going on between people and how to “speak Jedi” so they say yes. Those with the most resistant of minds, work with me willingly. Regardless of title.

The knowledge has accelerated my success with much less stress. I know exactly when to push, pull, and flow to advance ideas that are moral and benefit the team.  

This stuff makes you THINK.

It changes your worldview.

It transforms how you engage with people, where your authenticity shines.

Learn to minimize your stress, advance ideas, and get results—no matter who you work with.

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