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“Rebel at Work is a fascinating book that makes you see your workplace in ways you haven’t considered before. Natalie’s approaches will have immediate impact for anyone trying to ‘lead from the trenches’ in a positive and productive way.”
— Jon Gordon, New York Times Best Selling Author


NataliA S.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

MIND CHANGING! I think this book is amazing. I helped me to understand better some situations at work and how to improve them. For us the dreamers and the rebels, this work gives a lot of insights and support (even emotional!) for making positives changes in our workplace and life.

Brandon O.

Columbus, OH

FOR THE INDIVIDUAL LOOKING TO INNOVATE BUT STRUGGLING- A practical book for two types of individuals: those that innovate but feel they're alone and those that want to innovate but don't know how. If you're an innovator that feels like you're always facing an uphill battle, this book is encouraging. You're not alone and Natalie writes in a style that helps energize you for round 2 (or 20). If you want to be an innovator but don't know how to get traction behind your ideas, Natalie details a practical approach for establishing a network of individuals that move ideas throughout the organization.

rICH s.

Pittsburgh, PA

WAYZ FOR CORPORATE EMPLOYEES - This book provides amazing insights. Natalie has a unique ability to solve problems in the corporate world. She provides examples and encouragement to those working in that environment who want to disrupt the norm and positively change the culture of their company. This is a must read for recent college graduates, those working their way through the corporate labyrinth, and even those in the C-suite.

I LEARNED the secrets from Smugglers like you

I interviewed over 100 trailblazers just like you from around the globe, synthesized why the dysfunction exists, and also harvested all of the best secrets to work around it. In the end, the effort was worth it, because I found the solution.

I continue to experiment, build, grow, and launch new projects with more success than ever helping smugglers working on enterprise innovation teams around the globe!

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